Torrential rains

It poured last night. After days of humidity the skies opened Tuesday night and poured buckets and buckets of water onto the gardens just watered by a neighbor a few hours ago.

A friend had dropped by to drop something off, and having no umbrella we just finished off the open bottle of red wine and had a nice chat until it blew over.

I was heading to handball training this evening at the local school, and found it strange to see many of the girls who train before us sitting out on the wall outside the school gates. The trainer called to me: "Got your swimsuit with you?"

It seems that the gym roof had sprung a leak - a flat roof that had had to be closed a few years back when a torrential rain flooded the place the first day of autumn vacation and they didn't find out until 2 weeks later, when the floor was ruined. The leak again put the flooring ankle-deep under water, although this time they were able to squeegee it out.

But the roof is still soggy, so the hall is closed off. What a pity, we only had two more weeks before summer vacation and they close it for 18 months anyway to renovate the place.

We'll have to go to another hall, 3 bus stops and 3 subway stations away, and train with another team during the time - because many schools got money to fix their gyms, and they are all doing it at the same time....

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