Baltic Beach and Android

We visited a friend today who lives near the Baltic Sea. The last few days have been a mixture of rain and sun, hot and cold. Normally we have a day on the beach together, but we decided to just visit and maybe use the grill if the weather was nice.

But since it didn't rain all afternoon, we piled into the car and drove down to the beach. It was very windy and overcast, the water just above freezing (17 degrees Celsius).

We walked a good ways along the beach, when suddenly the sun came out! We quickly decided to just sit down and enjoy it, even if we had no beach blanket, books, or beverages along! The sand had been pounded flat and hard by the rain, and no one had been walking along this way except some birds and someone with a very big dog. But you could dig your hands and feet in, wiggle around a bit, and have a perfect chair for yourself.

Ten minutes. Twenty minutes. And still the sun shone! We started to get hungry, so we gave up on the beach and headed back to grill. As we were grilling we saw this big thunderhead making its way towards us. We managed to eat, have coffee, get in the car, and then drive into it.

I made a wonderful picture of it with my Android, but I can only transfer it to my Mac by uploading it to the Internet! The USB cable won't work, Bluetooth won't work, even opening up the Airport with Internet sharing won't get this brick to work. So I'll have to break the Mac's Internet connection, get the SIM card out of the web'n'walk stick, put it in the Android, log on, upload the picture, put the SIM back into the stick, and then pull the picture back down.

Drat. What is the point of a brick like this if it doesn't share nicely?

Update: If you connect up with the USB cable and stroke down on the teeny tiny USB symbol that appears, then you get an option to turn on the USB as a file system. And suddenly iPhone recognizes the pictures. So here you go, my thunderhead!

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