I'm dizzy. I was going to read, but then the film seemed so different. In color, and the film I thought was Vertigo was in black and white. So maybe I had always heard tell of the film and never really saw it.

Strange. The year is given as 1996. I thought Hitchcock died in the early 80s. I let the book lie and got drawn in to the swirling story, getting crazier and crazier as it goes along. Here and there there are somehow familiar bits. And then Madeline enters the church. The film is now black and white on the stairs - and yes, this scene I know very well, as well as many that follow.

I see: this is a restauration! The film rights were bought back by Hitchcock, who was disappointed that the film wasn't a winner, and given to his daughter. She sat on this one and 4 others for 30 (!) years, finally permitting it to be restored. Apparently, it was filmed in Technicolor, so it is just me not remembering anything but those stairs.

Ah, the stair shots - apparently done sideways with a miniature using a "trombone" shot, zooming out and tracking in to give everyone watching a dose of vertigo. Apparently invented by Irmin Roberts.

Midge's face haunts me - where do I know that from? Ahh, the wise IMDB knows all. In later years she was Miss Ellie in Dallas!

Now, I watched it in Sweden, so after the last credits, we have a figure, dressed modernly all in white. Next to her are words in gold - the 7 deadly sins, in Swedish. She says: Sin. Deadly sin. And some more stuff. And then there is an email address for you to write to with what you think is a sin. I looked for it on the program, I can't find it. Maybe I dreamt it.

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