Grandkid Stuff

WiseGrandKid is coming over this evening with her parents. She is now very mobile and adept at crawling, she even scootched up two of the stairs the last time she was here. Our place hasn't been child-proof for years, so I hit the Mega-Baby-Stuff-Store this morning, along with approx. 37 expecting couples and 42 with offspring in tow.

Although the kid's high chair that we got for WiseKid is still going strong, we didn't get the baby set then. I tried to get one today, but the production has changed and so they are not available for older models.

I did get this too-cute-for words place mat from Stokke:

It sticks to the table with giant suction cups and has high rims to contain spilled milk. I had been a bit worried about how the polished stone surface would react to a child banging on it, as I remember the deep cuts WiseKid made in our wooden table when he was a kid. This will do the trick!

I cleaned out the lower shelf that used to contain lots of things not suitable for children (and found the lovely Swedish tea-light holder sheared off, that probably happened during a past visit and I didn't get told). I put up a sign and some stickers and put some toys on the shelf:

Oh, that Monchhichi, WiseKid didn't like it so it is still in pristine condition, it is just too cute for words: