As WiseWoman, I recently purchased a WonderWoman T-Shirt because I liked the WW. I knew nothing about the comic book character, but was given a DVD with the WonderWoman film. It's been on one of my get-to-someday piles for a while until today WiseGrandchild found it.

She immediately wanted to watch it, although she is just shy of 6 and the film is rated 12+. I decided we would watch a bit of it and see if we want to watch more.

She was enthralled with the first scenes of women training to be fighters. She jumped up and down on the couch "That's what I want to be when I'm big!!!". I found it strangely comfortable to have so many active women in major and minor roles, and so many strong women around. And of course, Robin Wright :)

We broke for dinner, but WiseGrandchild insisted that we continue. I was a bit worried about all the violence scenes, but she assured me she watches stuff like that at home all the time. Every time WonderWoman (who is actually never called that, but Diana) would deflect a bullet or cross her arms, or use her sword, or jump high in the air, WiseGrandchild imitated her and insisted many times more that she wants to be like Diana when she grows up.

Hello, Hollywood? Could we have some more movies starring women in strong roles? Real quick? I have this young woman who needs a lot of good, strong role models, now.