Ocean's Eight

So there were lots of bad reviews about "Ocean's Eight", but I assumed that this was because all of the leads were played by women and anyway, Sandra Bullock was playing in it and I need to see all of her films. So the usual suspects gathered and we managed to find a theater showing the film in English (and German and a few other languages I couldn't identify) with German subtitles.

My expectations were exactly zero, I was tired and afraid I would fall asleep if it was boring. It wasn't. I only looked at my watch once towards the end of the film! There were, of course, some tired references to the Ocean's 11/12/13 films, but there were lots of interesting quirks to the film. I really loved the guerilla scene in which they place a female version of "Washington Crossing the Delaware" at the Met (the Germans didn't understand this reference).

It was a lively film (nothing to ponder, just summer fun) with some great acting. And fascinating to see so many women in major roles, including Rhianna as the superb hacker Nine Ball. A couple of things didn't quite ring true, but it was a nice night out on a hot summer day.