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Nick said...

Hi WiseWoman,

Is there some way to get an RSS feed of just your wiki-related blog posts? The reason I ask is that we're currently in the process of refining the feeds at http://open.wikiblogplanet.com/ (which aggregates
a variety blogs related to the Wikipedia, MediaWiki, Wikimedia, and wikis in general ; currently includes around 60 blogs). This currently includes your blog, because it was in Angela's wiki blog list ( http://wikiangela.com/wiki/Blogs ), which was the original starting point for the planet's content.

Do you know if such a thing is possible? My best guess is that it probably is, but that I just don't know the correct incantation to use to get it to generate such a feed. For example, you have a wiki-rants page at ( http://wiwowo.blogspot.com/2005/12/wiki-rants.html ), and you seem to be (sort of) using tags / labels for categorizing your posts.

Of course, if you don't want us to include your blog, please just drop me a line, or edit the config file ( use the "edit this planet" link at wikiblogplanet.com ) to exclude your blog.

-- All the best, Nick.

WiseWoman said...

I have RSS enabled, you can use


to get at a short description both of entries and comments. Seems to work well with netvibes...

Sukidusha said...

What is "in vici veritas"?

WiseWoman said...

"vici" is the newly-minted Latin word for a wiki, so this means: in (a) wiki you find truth.