White Christmas 2005

I guess that's the reason they celebrate the Feast of St. Stephan's as the second day of Christmas in Europe - more chance to have a white Christmas!

The rain turned to snow on Dec. 26 - just a few centimeters at first, then a storm came over and dumped about
15 cm. I shovelled the walk and then made a big, fat angel in the snow - haven't done that for years. Wanted to shock my guys at breakfast when they looked out the window. But we got another 10 cm of snow over night, so the walk was snowed in again and my angel had disappeared.

I walked to town to get the paper and some rolls, it is just 20 minutes walk and I would have needed twice that to shovel out and de-ice the car. It was a winter wonderland, the trees laden with clean snow. I ate lots of it off the trees on the way down! The sky was leaden, but laced with tones of red. All of a sudden it seemed that the clouds had dropped out of the sky, and it began to snow - first little hailstones, then big fat snowflakes. The air was so clean and cold, it felt really wonderful.

The coffee tasted double good when I got home! We then shoveled out the car and drove to Lund - in a snowstorm. The car swerved merrily around each corner, giving the ESP, or EPS, or whatever the fancy electronic anti-swerving device is called, some exercise. The highway was not cleared, so we had a little caravan of cars, slowly making their way along. About halfway to Lund the snow stopped and the sun came out gleaming - exactly what one expects for a white Christmas!

We made it to Lund and did some shopping before watching Narnia. We started a tradition with a friend, watching the LOTR films every Christmas in Ystad. So we decided to make do with Narnia, but after the film a hard discussion broke out as to whether this film or the latest Harry Potter film was worst. We decided to go to the movies again next year, but it will not be a family fantasy film. Hope the film industry produces something more to our liking.


Pterygolepsis said...

Hi Debbie,

about the film industry:
I discovered the great movies of the independent, alternative director Jim Jarmusch who produces excellent movies full of laconic humor.
I don't know if you already know him.
If not, try him...
You'll sure find some facts about him at Wikipedia.de.


WiseWoman said...

"Night on Earth" is one of my favorites!