Julklapp 2005

My handball team was celebrating the annual Christmas party after our terrible 20:4 loss against SCC. This is my first year with the team, so it was my first participation. Lucky me, I missed out on some of the annual presents that make the rounds every year. Apparently Helga found the wall hanging useful for keeping out the draughts in her cabin in Sweden, so that has disappeared. Petra got the porcelin bird, as well as a big stone and a little camping chair.

I was complaining about my present to a friend, who wrote:

"Julklapp is funny, you always get stuff you don't need ;) or that is toooo horrible to use ;) "

I think it was Steffi that made this present for me, she had such an angelic look on her face when I unwrapped the mess - a big box containing:

1) stupid, large, green and purple cloth floral arrangement
2) a crocheted, glittery bag for keeping kleenex in (probably so you can clean up after puking about the flowers)
3) two wooden pegs for juggling
4) a Santa Clause baggy with a bag of gummi bears and two little bottles of horrible sweet schnapps.

The schnapps might please a guest. The gummi bears will be in my office for students until they disappear. The plant will look lovely next to my plastic, animated, talking George Bush doll. I shall have to redecorate, though, and move the stones and shells somewhere else, anything natural will clash with the plant.

I mean, I actually donated something, well, useful to the Julklapp effort: a two-piece china bear that when you take it apart, makes into an egg cup and a salt shaker. Oh yes, it is green. Somehow, green is not the color to be looking at in the mornings, that's why it's been on the shelf for years, I forget who gave it to me. May have been a Julklapp.

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