School's out!

Well, I still have a pile of exercises to grade and final grades to calculate and enter into the system and my desk to pack. But it's over!

I had the final class with my Master's seminar. I have taught these students for 5 years, I was the one who greeted them on the first day, I taught them programming and software engineering (in English!), some did E-Learning with me and other odd courses. Last semester we did Talk Presentation together (in English!) and this semester, in parallel with them writing their theses, we did a seminar.

We had an all-day writing workshop today, the final day of class. They have a few more weeks to hand in, but this is the end of classes. I was so proud to be reading the texts that they had written on such varied topics and to see what a great job they are doing.

We roped a younger semester into taking a picture of them and me after the last class, and then we went for coffee and cake down at the cafe on the river. We spoke a bit about their studies. Was it worth it? YES! V. noted that they had learned to deal with complicated material, get it sorted out and solved. Indeed, this was exactly what they were to learn. They laughed at all the hard work (writing complete sentences!) I made them do during the years. And yes, I was right, it was very important for them.

It will be fun seeing how they go on now in life - what kind of jobs will they get, will they be different than the ones from their Bachelor program who went into industry?

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