Learning to read Icelandic

Brainerror asks in a comment how to best go about learning to read Icelandic.

Bragi heitir einn. Hann er ágætur að speki og mest að málsnilld og orðfimi. (Snorra-Edda)
I'm just a learner, not a teacher, but the number of available books is rather small.
  • We used Learning Icelandic by Auður Einarsdóttir, Guðrún Theodórsdóttir, Mária Garðarsdóttir og Sigríður Þorvaldsdóttir in the course we took two years ago in Ísafjörður. It is great on colloquial speech and just enough grammar to get along.
  • There's an online course from the Háskoli Íslands. It is a bit childish at times and tiring, but there is some good stuff here.
  • There is a great collection of self-teaching material at the Humboldt University: Project Bragi. (Disclaimer - I had a great bunch of students get this moved to a database-based, multilingual version many years ago. It is still great!)
  • There's an active group at LearningIcelandic at yahoogroups.com that discusses the finer points of translations.
  • If your eyes can stand it (Icelanders seem to *love* moving, blinking, flashing animations in 57 colors and 18 fonts on the same page) you can try and wade through Mogga (the online version of the daily newspaper Morgunblaðið) using the great online Icelandic dictionary provided online by the University of Wisconson
Have fun!

One God is called Bragi. He is famous for wisdom and most of all for eloquence and skill with word. (The Prose Edda)

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