We tried with the usual suspects to attend the Swedish Midsummer festival today, but were dumped in the middle of Berlin by a bus that could not continue because of a demonstration. Since there was no way there from where we were set out (other than non-running busses), we went to a cafe and then headed home.

We made dinner and broke out a DVD we had had lying around, Identity. I can't explain the film, but after the film was over, it sort of went like this:

  • So Ed killed them?
  • No, it was Timmy.
  • Can't be, how could he kill the guy in the freezer?
  • He wasn't dead, that was just imagined.
  • No one died, that was all just in his head.
  • Someone must have died, or else there would not have been the hearing!
  • It was the first cop!
  • No, the second cop.
  • But they weren't cops!!!!
  • Right.
  • Did anyone understand this?
  • But it was a great film - suspense from frame one!
  • But who did it?
  • Was there anything to do?
  • What about the girl?
  • Which girl?
  • And the mother?
  • Didn't you see that frame?
  • Does it rain in Nevada like that?
  • It's all in your imagination.
I don't really want to go to bed after this....

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