I swear, I am not going to manage to buy shoes! Last week I tried to buy some along with some pants and got really angry at all the sales people asking me every 2.5 minutes if I needed help. No. I don't. You are bothering me.

At least in Karstadt they let me alone long enough to find some nice pants. I was well aware of the sales lady floating around, and she saw me, but kept her distance. So I bought *both* pair that fit and did my part to help save the company. But shoes - they didn't have any I liked at Karstadt and I left three (3) other stores when sales people bugged me.

New Saturday, new shopping mall. I mean, come on, if I want a personal sales person I go to a little specialty shop. But when it comes to shoes I like to look at them, feel them, check for special things I like (flat, easy on, nice color) and after looking around decide on the three that I want to try on. Then I am glad to have someone look and see if they have them in my size. If not, okay.

I entered a mega-shoe-store with lots of different labels that I like to wear (ecco, Think!, Rieker). I was approched by a sales woman in exactly 2.5 minutes. I explained firmly and politely that I preferred to look alone and would call her when I needed her. She nodded and went elsewhere.

About 30 seconds later I see out of the corner of my eye that her colleague is watching me intently from across the store. He makes his way. I try and disappear behind piles of shoes, but it does not help. "Hi, can I help you?" I drop the shoe I had in my hand, say "No, and I told your colleage that I didn't want any help," and strode out of the store.

Darn. They had at least one I wanted to try on. How can I get sales people to leave me alone?

Update: I got some shoes. Dropped into a store with the usual suspects on the way home. They kept the sales people busy while I quickly tried on shoes, and found a pair. I kind of feel like we were organizing a robbery, but it worked.

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