Where did the break go?

Uff. The semester starts again next week and I am not ready. At all. Just finished a small prep for my Master's Seminar. I really, really want to curl up and read all of these papers in detail. But when?

Now I have to get the first semester course set up, by default, since I am out of time, I will be reusing the same old material. Pfui.

So what did I accomplish during the break?

  • Gave a whiz-bang talk at a university
  • Spent two days with my colleagues talking about our program
  • Attended a conference
  • Got the books for 2008 done for church, and spoke with the treasurer of a similar church in Sweden
  • Got my hair cut, new glasses, and visited my dentist and a collection of doctors
  • Got an apartment organized for WiseKid and got him moved in (that took the lion's share of the time)
  • Attended mother-in-law's 80th birthday out of town (including car breakdown and repair)
  • Got 1 1/2 papers written
  • Read some theses and the odd magazine or two.
  • Watched some Tatort, saw just a few films, and only read one or two books.
It's good to see a list of what I accomplished when I look at the pile of bills needing filed and my desk full of paper....

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