The International

We decided to go see a movie in Lund this evening, and chose the movie by the time :) We normally go see movies about 8 pm, but there was nothing on, the "late shows" start at 9pm. Since "The International" was the earliest of the late shows, we took this.

Tom Tykwer leads us through many international settings (Berlin, Lyon, New York, Milan, Istanbul, someplace deep in Italy) with some lovely aerial footage of the places. It is a sort of detective-spy story about the Big Bad International Banks who do money laundering, gun selling, and all sorts of unappetizing stuff. And if you get in their way, you die.

Apparently, the film was to release in August 2008, but bombed on pre-release, so they decided to make an action film out of it, putting in a gawd-awful shoot-em-up session at the Guggenheim museum. The architecture makes you dizzy, but this scene just *so* doesn't fit the rest of the picture - turns out that this is the scene they re-shot and then released the film in February 2009, in the middle of the financial crisis.

It was not a bad film, but not a very good one, but we still enjoyed the evening. WiseMan says that it was 3 out of 5 horses (the local rag rates films by horses, not stars, because their symbol is a horse). And we enjoyed that they had Swedish subtitles for the few sentences of Danish spoken by the head of the Luxemburg bank.

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