Today is not tomorrow is not yesterday

WiseKid has moved out, so WiseWoman has been dealing with helping him find an apartment and get moved these past, I dunno, 4 years it feels like. Actually, only since about the middle of November.

So we got an apartment, signed a contract yesterday, ponied up our deposit, got the keys, and today we moved the first bit of his stuff in. We also had a bit of luck on some furniture - as we walked back to the car after signing the contract we passed this little cafe that had gone out of business and was selling off everything to get some cash.

They had two lovely steel kitchen work tables that easily cost 300 € a piece, a full-length mirror at 15 € and two cheesy shelving thingies with glass doors at 40 € a piece. Since his kitchen is bare, I offered to get one of the steel tables (if I had had room in my kitchen I would have taken the other one, too!). He pleaded the necessity for the mirror, remarking that we can't get mirror tile for that price and would have to put it on the wall, so we save time. I gave in on that.

Then the haggling began, I suppose it helped that I wanted to leave it at that. Anyway, he wore her down to 15 € a piece for the shelving thingies, so we took them both. Luckily, the car was empty.... He also wanted the bar (at 200 € it was indeed a steal, but I put my foot down on that).

Anyway, tonight I set about getting him legal - paying rent, setting up electricity and gas, etc. I went to the Nuon site, they offer a 50 € rebate, so I signed him up. Except he is not 18 yet, so I had to sign me up. Okay. Then they wanted to know when I moved in. The choice was: more than 4 weeks ago, less than 4 weeks ago, new customer. I chose "new customer".

They wanted to know when I moved in. I answered truthfully with today. "That date is not in the future", it told me in English, and refused to go on. I went back, chose "less than 4 weeks ago", and put in today. "That date is not in the past", it told me in German. Sigh. Right. It is today. I want to sign a contract TODAY.

So I changed it to yesterday, this will probably cost me 29 cents in basic fee for the day, but at least the system finally accepted my input.

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Anonymous said...

Bizarre (but typical) interaction with such companies. Y'all should refuse to do business with them on that basis!

Trying to recover from the shock of having a future talk show host (also) as president... !