A New Stove

We did our part for the Swedish economy yesterday and purchased a new electric stove for the kitchen. The one that was in the house when we bought it 13 year ago was already a bit strange when we took it over. The dial to determine how hot the oven is just twists - no idea what temperature it sets itself to, I suppose we could just get a thermometer, but it varies the temperature as well and the hot plates are rusting badly.

WiseMan did the cooking while I laid carpet and complained about the stove all evening, although his lasagna was really great. Okay, the recipe started life as cannelloni and ended up as lasagna, but it still tasted good.

So we drove down to the little white goods and electrical stuff store and made their day, just walking in off the street and purchasing a big-ticket item. We like to support local merchants so they don't go out of business. We decided on the Ceran, so we have more flat space to work with in the kitchen, and we booked their all-around-service package: delivery, hookup, and disposal of the old one. I don't think they will clean up the crud of x years that will have collected between the old stove and the cabinet, however.

Telling the story at dinner with some friends later in the evening, she jokingly nudged me - yup, she said, that's how you get your broken household appliances replaced. Make the men use them :)

Happy Women's Day!

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make the men use them?