Slumdog Millionaire

That's what a vacation is for, you get to go to the movies three times in a week!

Last night we say Slumdog Millionaire with some friends. Nice story, pokes fun at "Who wants to be a millionaire" and Bollywood, kind of funny in places, great kids acting. I kind of found it ho-hum, but WiseMan gave this 9 stars, the best of the week. I mean, it was entertaining and all, but it was kind of depressing seeing the slums. It really is amazing how anyone survives there.

The scene where the child Jamal has to escape the outhouse by diving into it kind of reminds what it feels like when I dive into administrative work.... IMDB says that they used a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate for that. Imagine the props guys going down to Sam's and buying 200 gallons of peanut butter....

I'm glad they got all the Oscars, must be really great for India. The music was kind of nice, but my vote for the week goes to Milk.

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Anonymous said...

>...but my vote for the week goes to Milk

you got my vote on that one, WW !!!