Laying Carpet

I decided to start the vacation off right and finish up the carpet laying we started at Christmas. I had managed to get the carpet purchased before falling sick, WiseKid got the carpet down in 2 rooms before he fell sick, so there was one left to do. The living room has nice hardwood, that doesn't need carpet, thank goodness.

It was WiseKid's room left, and he's not along, has to go to school while Mom and Dad enjoy semester break. I carried all the crap out of his room, finding interesting things like a bottle of our best champagne stashed, or the handles of four teaspoons (what happened to the bowls?). I seriously considered trashing all the crap, but then there may be something special there that he really, really needs, and WiseMan got mad when his dad threw out his prized sticker collection (or something), so I refrained.

The bed was too large - right, we had assembled it in the room. Maybe if I take off the ladder? Nope, still a few cm too wide. So we had to break it down to carry it out. The wall now showed places where the wallpaper had been picked away, stains, and mould. Yuck. I was beginning to worry that I would have to tear the house down....

I got out the Clorox, mixed up a toxic batch, and attacked the mould. The wallpaper is textured, so there were still bits of mould in there. I got an old toothbrush and did some more, after a second bucked of Clorox it was grey. And the yellow stains (maybe I don't want to know what they are) won't go away.

Well, there's still paint from Christmas. So I changed clothes, got out the paint bucket, and gave the walls behind the bed a fresh coat. Now I have to wait for it to dry before I can start trying to lay carpet. So WiseMan put on the fireplace. Good thing I started early and not on the last day of vacation!

Update: Okay, got it painted. The floor washed. Everything dried. Wrestled the carpet into place (cutting is difficult, I messed up one piece). Let the carpet lay while I enjoyed the great dinner that WiseMan cooked.

He helped put the bed back together - but it wouldn't fit in the corner where it was. We finally ended up having to remove the lights and with our bad backs heave the bed up and over the heater in order to get it back into it's corner. We washed the containers and dumped everything back into the room - looks very nice.

But remind me *never* again to do renovation work with safari pants on (the ones with the zipper so you have shorts and long pants in one). The zipper is right under the kneecap. Kills your knees.

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