Nói albínói

I saw this film the first time at the Nordic Film Festival, maybe 2003 or 2004. I found it trivial, boring. Growing up teenager in remote, snowy part of the world. Is he wierd or a genius or what?

But yesterday we took a trip to Bolungarvík, a fishing village pretty much the Western tip of Iceland. The tour guide introduced the town as: if they ever try to make Iceland into just one town, there will be two places that don't participate - Westman Islands and Bolungarvík.

And tonight we watched Nói albínói. The first view is of the mountain - "That looks like here," I said. The teacher noted that it was Bolungarvík, and so it was. Suddenly, the film was much more interesting, as we recognized more and more bits of the town, but also some bits that didn't quite fit it, that were in other places around the Western Fjörds.

Still not a film for everyone, but was nice in combination with the trip yesterday. And we watched it in Icelandic with Icelandic subtitles, that was a big help.

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