There's a nice little shop in Ísafjörður that is open pretty much all day, the hamburger shop at the bus service. Busses run 3 times a day during the week. The shop has a few newspapers, ice cream and coke, sweets and chips, pizza and microwave hamburgers, skýr in all the flavors you can think of, and a few necessities.

I waited for the sullen teenager behind the cash register to go to the back room to snap this little collection of necessities next to the coffee machine which spews a foul brew. Let's see, what kinds of things could you need after the grocery store closes at 9pm?

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste - check.
  • Razors and Band-Aids - check.
  • Sanitary pads - check.
  • Baby pacifiers - check.
  • Drumsticks, guitar strings, and a guitar strap? Well, maybe.
  • Condoms and massage cream - okay, so we can figure out what people do evenings and weekends around here :)

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