Forest gold - expensive, tasty summer mushrooms that like cool, rainy weather. Yup, got lots of that around. And the lawn is just full of chantarelles. I didn't cut the grass under the birch trees, where there are just tons of them this year.

I have had three big meals of cantarelles already: Chicken with Asparagus and Chantarelles, Chantarelle and Cheese Omlette, Pepper Steak and Chantarelles. Just goes with everything.

And instead of going out into the woods, eyes sharpened for a glint of gold under the birch trees and evergreens, I just walk down towards the shed, bend down and start cutting, fighting the mosquitoes guarding the 'shrooms. Within minutes I have a box full of them, ready to clean and fry. They look - and taste - much better than the dried-out-at-the-edges stuff you get for lots of money in the shops.

At least one good thing to come out of the bad weather this summer!

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