Gawd. What a *funny* book, but I've loved everything I've read by Douglas Coupland. It is a bit corny that he has himself in the book as himself, but I guess that is supposed to be a bit of self-referencing.

I mean, how many current books have the first million digits of Pi printed in them? All of the prime numbers between 10,000 and 100,000? Some really, really screwed C++ code (okay, I understand that typesetters don't understand that you *cannot* change the lines around, closing them up or breaking them where ever in order to make it look nice. And backslash-else is not a command.)

This book is probably only really hilarious to geek-types like myself. I laughed myself silly over the line one of the women says when the main character's parents explode into really crazy craziness "Oh, right, I forgot that your family still runs on Windows." The really silly situations here are so great, that one's own crazy family looks absolutely sane by comparison!

Coupland's description of the Lesbian commune is so rich - how on earth did he manage to sneak into one in order to observe what goes on?? And the games played by games programmers (especially the google games) are hilarious. BTW, the Swedes have some new words: "bildgoogleat" means "to have googled for a picture".....

A must read for all geeks - don't let the size put you off. I finished it in 2 2/2 autistic days ....

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