More Bergmann

What a dilemma - now the sun is shining, but there is Bergman on TV every day....

Friday night they showed "Fanny and Alexander" - the 5-hour, 4-part TV version. But they didn't start until 9 pm, I didn't make it through. Really a lovely film, and well deserved of all those Oscars.

The weather was soooo nice on Saturday, I missed the last part of the documentary telling about Farö. Oh well, who cares.

Sunday they showed "Cries and Whispers", Bergman and Sven Nyquist's attempt to do a women's film, i.e. everyone is either wearing white or the walls are decorated red or someone is bleeding. Is that how men see women? Silly gooses, crying, whispering, or bleeding (or all of the above?). Still, some nice acting in there.

Monday we had "The Smiles of a Summer Night" - the one that one in Cannes about 50 years ago. A nice love story, first everyone is unhappy, then there is a nice happy end after some surprises (and shock for the viewers when they think the lawyer has killed himself playing Russian Roulette or the son tries to hang himself). The son looks like August Strindberg - this must be by design. A delightful film with the moral: love makes everyone happy.

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