Torn Curtain

At the Hitchcock exhibition we saw a lot of bits and pieces of the movie Torn Curtain, which was partially filmed in Berlin. So we decided to watch it this evening, as it was in our complete collection of Hitchcock DVDs.

As many have said - it is not the best film by Hitchcock. I keep expecting Julie Andrews to burst out in "The hills are alive" everytime she is on camera. Paul Newmann looks gorgeous, but I don't see him as a physicist.

The film was mostly shot in studio, as they could not film in East Berlin, although there is a scene with some "Plattenbau" that I think can only be found in East Berlin. Only a few of the actors speak correct German (or Swedish, in the final scene). They appear to be American actors pretending to be Germans.

I would love to have a clear view of the mathematics to see what they are writing. They just mumble "omega" on occasion, and Prof. Lindt does, actually, write a small omega on camera.

A rather contrived spy story, but not bad for a Friday evening movie.

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