O Canada

This is really quite bizarre. It does, indeed, seem as if I woke up Canadian this past Friday, on account of my mother having been a Canadian citizen when I was born. The next brother on down is in the same state, for our youngest brother it will depend on how they interpret it. Since she is now again Canadian by decree, he might still be considered Canadian, too.

So things Canadian are coming back to me - songs, visits to Canada, my mom going on and on about the symbolism in the Canadian maple leaf flag (although, according to the Canadian Heritage site the eleven points do not stand for the 10 provinces and 1 territory), Canadian holidays like Dominion Day, and saying "eh" at the end of every other sentence.

My Mom had to obtain American citizenship in order to teach, and she had to be married to an American for four years in order to apply for citizenship. The Americans at that time, like the Germans today, made people give up their old citizenship. Canada also officially reinstated the citizenship of all Canadians who were forced to give up their citizenship. So it's pretty much just my Dad left out of this!

WiseMan remarked this evening that I change my citizenship more often than WiseKid changes his underpants, which is a gross exaggeration.

Anyway, I printed out a Canadian flag for my office door this morning, and wore Mom's maple leaf pin.


Natalie said...

Congratulations on obtaining your Canadian citizenship!
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Natalie Hunter
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Anonymous said...

heh! let's go to the LoonLounge together and wow them with our stories, eh ?!!