Move your butt

Bizarre scene on the bus:

I was just hopping down a few stops (a transferable monthly pass is great) on the bus to get a present, so I didn't sit down but stood, leaning against a railing. There's a cushion there, with an integrated seat. An older man (I can't really call him a gentleman) was sitting on the seat up front for the elderly. A very old woman got on and requested that seat, so he got up, complaining that he needed to sit, too, but loudly stating that a gentleman of course gave up a seat for a lady.

I was expecting him to ask me if he could use the seat, but I wasn't expecting it like this. He patted my rear-end (!) and said "Move your butt, I want to sit down!"

I was shocked! I said to him sternly that it was sufficient for him to ask me for the seat, he did not have to involve my posterior. He shot back that he did ask me and I have to give it to him. The lady standing next to me just shook her head, but the middle-aged guy across the aisle jumped in.

"You shut your trap! You have no right to act this way!". The older guy kept muttering that he had the right to sit down, etc.

I was happy that we reached my stop and I could get off this crazy bus.

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Anonymous said...

...grumble... Damn Crazy Women who pick fights with old men (like me) who believe in handing out friendly pads... kisses on cheeks are much less hygenic (I'm trying to give up on those AND this stupid habit of shaking hands even with close relatives every time one meets ...grumble...). oh, and I hate to ride the buses here which nowadays seem to have much fewer seats (and no rights to one); if I can't sit down I shouldn't have to pay (but half, maybe). What a rotten "social" state this is -- everything in Texas seems better from here... 'xcept George W., of course... )


Cheers (I think) !!!