No Chairs

Last week I complained to the powers-that-be through our magic web-site complaint form that I needed more chairs in my lecture hall. I have 48 people and there are only 40 chairs on a good day. As much as I like having good-looking young men looking up at me, I think they need chairs to learn properly.

The custodian came to my office to explain the problem yesterday. In the electronic system for lecture halls the room is listed as having 44 seats. There is only one lecture hall that has more chairs, and it is booked solid. Saturdays at 8.00 anyone?

According to the security engineer, the room is only designed for 40 people. So theoretically I should count noses and request that the 8 people who come in last go home.

Just as I finished saying this at the start of class, the last 8 people walked in and started complaining that there were no chairs.....

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BYOC ?!?