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Sorry for the silence, but I have been without Internet at home for over a week. The Deutsche Telekom screwed up royally.

Instead of adding a service to my account, they terminated it and made a new one. The droid probably got points for getting a new account. This caused my Internet provider, 1&1, to drop me. Of course, I still have to pay the monthly fee... Telekom needed 3 days (when I didn't have phone service) to fix telephone again, then 1&1 wanted 14 days (!) and 50 Euros to restore Internet service. Telekom will at least refund me the 50 Euros, if not the cost for time and fees for waiting for the 1&1 hotline. The hotline of 1&1 is so irritating, I am seriously considering *not* switching to them.

Anyway, just to make matters worse, WiseKid wanted to help and signed a contract with Vodafone for DSL. Seems they let you sign a form that moves the service without checking ID. There's a box that says: If I am not the owner of this line, the owner knows and is happy about me organizing the switch. They promised WiseKid a good chance at a free mobile phone, which he thinks he needs, so he signed.

When he didn't win, at least he confessed and I dashed off a nasty letter to Vodafone telling them that they cannot do business with minors. Luckily for us, their droids are too stupid to read long telephone numbers, they got a switcheroo on two digits, so unfortunately, Vodafone can't switch us. Lucky us, and good thing that phone number is not assigned, or someone else would be without telephone and Internet....

The current situation is that the Telekom says no one has applied for our DSL line, and 1&1 says that the Telekom hasn't processed our order....

Carrier pigeon anyone?

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