Back online!

I still didn't have Internet when I came home Tuesday, so I called Hotline-Hell to see what was up. I spent over an hour there, and was transferred here and there.

One person told me that my line had been open from last week. Of course, no one told me, and I tried at least once a day. The last lady noted that I was sending the wrong password (?!). My router changed the password itself? I got out my faded password sheet and typed it in. Three times. And then it worked. I don't mistype that badly, and anyway, the *router* should not change the password by itself, should it?

Someone along the way said that they are not charging me for resetting the line. That would at least pay for some of the hotline charges. I wouldn't mind paying for the time I'm actually speaking to someone, but 24 cents a minute for 8 minutes of muzak really, really irritates me.

Ah well. Back online, although I do miss the speed my neighbor's had... I am creeping along here, and my account (I really do only have one contract, my account says) is listed as "6000 kbit pending".

I really don't like the 2-year contracts, they make it so difficult to switch providers (which is, of course, the point). Okay, ton of work to do!

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