Medieval Visby 3

There was a big article in the local rag today about life in the Medieval village. Turns out that on a field north of town the Medieval folk have pitched their tents. They live in their tents all week, making gruel for breakfast, baking flatbread and making nice stews for dinner.

"We take the nice things from the Medieval times," a guy is quoted as saying. "But we don't have Black Death or Cholera." Well, that's a relief, I guess.

The reporter notes that the garbage cans set up on the edge of the field tend to contain a lot of empty potato chip bags and soda cans.... Additional enhancements, demanded by the Swedish state, are sufficient port-a-potties set up on the edge of the field, so they don't have to just dig a hole and squat.

There is even a guy who is responsible for keeping the potties clean - and his other duty is manning the mobile phone recharging station (!). Yes, you often see them walking the streets in their garb, smoking a cigarette and yakking in their phones.

Then there was the Medieval church service that was held (and apparently well attended) in a Lutheran church and presided over by a Lutheran minister in Medieval garb using - the Lutheran liturgy. Anyone see the problem in this logic? There was no Lutheran church at that time, Luther not being born for another few hundred years! Okay, the Lutheran liturgy in Sweden es extremely Catholic, but that is another story.

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