Medieval Visby 2

They are still walking around Visby, the people dressed up in medieval clothes. I really wonder why they do this - there does not seem to be much to do but eat in pubs (medieval and modern), walk around, sing, dance, admire each others costumes, and buy turist trinkets (medieval and modern).

Is this a result of so many people playing fantasy games? Why do they idealize this period so much? It was deadly - people got themselves killed much more often than today. There was hunger, sicknesses, oppression, horrible living conditions, and it must have smelled like hell.

What exactly is the point in dressing up the family and walking around like this for a week? Okay, the girls are dreaming that they are princesses and the boys that they are knights, wielding their wooden swords. And I am guilty of buying princess necklaces for my three princesses in the US.

But I just don't get it. The Medieval market here was a store selling all sorts of junk, a pottery shed, a smithy stand, a couple of silversmiths, a knife-maker, a bead maker, a wooden bowl maker, and some food stalls. Down the street was a leather maker and on the square the usual hawkers had their wares.

Okay, it was more than Lye and it was more or less of the time. But I don't understand why they have been doing this for the past 25 years. Anyone have any explaination?

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