The weather was so nice today, we thought we would go to the beach. A neighbor said that Ahus was lovely, very few people, so we packed up and headed East.

There was plenty of parking, we first had a famous Ahus ice cream. The beach was indeed quite deserted, lovely white sand and blue water. The paper had said 16 degrees Celsius, so I wasn't planning on swimming. But I wanted to get my feet wet.

We took the first free dune, dumped our stuff, kicked off our shoes, and ran to the shoreline. And there they were - jellyfish, up and down the entire beach.

Hmm, were they the poisonous kind? Did they sting? There were a few kids in the surf, actually playing with some of the jellyfish they found. But they were so glibbery, and the surf was just full of them, not only the shoreline.


WiseKid and Twenny walked down the pier, and reported that even out there there were jellyfish in the water. I sunned myself, and then headed off for the Slut-REA (Final Sale) in the beachware shop. They were selling everything in the shop for 50 SEK a piece (about 5.50 Euros). We went whole hog, getting T-shirts, a vest, a cape, a jacket, sweaters. The guy was doing a rousing business, and things were going fast. Shorts were only available in size 36....

So at least the day wasn't a complete waste. We set up dinner outdoors, then it began to pour. Ah well.

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