I picked up some interesting-looking stones along the beach the other day and stuck them in my pocket. Yesterday we were up north in Lickershamm to see the Jungfru Rauk. There were lots of beachcombers inspecting the stones along the shoreline and picking up stuff here and there. So I looked, too.

I suddenly realized that the place was covered with fossils! Teeny2 and I started looking in earnest and picked up a handfull each of fossilized shells and plant bits.

At the bookstore at the open-air museum I purchased a copy of a very good book on fossils in Gotland, we were able to pretty much decide what each of the things we found were. Today we were in the natural history museum in Visby where they have some cool stuff - a core down through all the years so you can see for yourself what is found at what level; lots of fossils to touch; a really great 3D depth model of the Baltic so that you can see for yourself why Gotland looks like Estonia (they are both ends of a curved bit of land).

And they had beautiful trilobites. Our book says that if you find nice fossils you have to turn them into the natural history museum. I'm sure everyone follows *that* rule....

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