Us old folks challenged WiseKid and Twenny to a round of Kubb (Viking bowling game) this afternoon. We have a nice piece of lawn that is pockmarked with molehills and -valleys which is a perfect playing ground, even if it is slightly sloping.

In this game you set out an 8x5 pitch and put 5 largish blocks along opposing ends. There is a kingpiece in the middle that must stay upright until the end, or the team throwing it over loses. Each team has 6 Swedish rolling pins that they take turns throwing at the blocks on the far side.

The game is quite a lot of fun, and is not necessarily lost even though you are 4 blocks down. Twenny was amazingly good at this game, although she does not do any sports, period. WiseKid made some wisecracks about how good he was going to bowl down all those blocks, but he quickly discovered that it was harder than it looks.

A great game, gets you some exercise, better than sitting in front of the TV, and a lot of laughs.

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