To Tell the Truth

Yes, I admit it. That will be me, on this TV game show in Germany that is known in the States as "To Tell the Truth".

The people organizing the show approached my school and asked if I would not be a truth-sayer. As I really love these logic puzzles with truth-sayers and liars, I said yes. Also, they paid for my way to Baden-Baden and I got to spend all day in the studio, watching them film a show.

I taught for 8 hours, drove home, picked up my suitcase and was driven to the airport. 20 minutes from home to check-in gate, despite a little traffic jam. This is Berlin! I'm not allowed to say so, because WiseMan would be angry, but I would like for the Templehof airport to remain in service, too. I love the idea of taking a subway to the airport.

Anyway, Air Berlin has a new terminal at Tegel - corrugated steel, the charm of an industrial production hall, but you get checked-in, through security, and into the waiting area very fast. They even have internet inside, although you have to pay for it. You walk across the tarmac to the airplane, and then we flew an hour to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden. Right, they have an airport now. It was the old Canadian airbase, and is now a bustling little airport.

How wonderful to be picked up by a driver - I've never been on a trip where I didn't have to worry about the time scale or how to get where I was going. I get picked up and driven. I noticed that one of the panelists just came in via Hamburg, so I hid myself in my raincoat hat. But I am a woman, who sees me?

We had a meeting in the evening with all of the liars and truth-tellers. Everyone introduced themselves - and there were some very, very strange people there - and I got to meet my liars, a judge and a dentist. Lovely, people who have been to university. We were allowed to have a wine on the house (a grey burgundy, from the area, it tasted so good I had a second glass on my own money). We spoke about what I do and who I am - really, very nice women. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Well, it was a fun day. I had breakfast with one of my "liars" and then we were driven to the studio. First off was the costume choice. I schlepped a ton of clothes with me, they chose my favorite one. Then we were down to practice on the set. They have soooo many nice cameras and lights and other toys on the set. Back up for coffee and some chatting, then we met with the moderator to speak about how it was going to run. He was very professional, and a very funny guy, too.

Then it was time for lunch, we had a room reserved for us. It was interesting speaking with some of the other people. One guy won 6 Grammy awards! After lunch things started happening. We got dressed - our clothes had magically gotten themselves pressed and steamed in the meantime. Then off to the make-up department, they spent a lot of time fussing over the ladies and getting our hair to be just right. My two liars thought the makeup looked very good on me. But I am not willing to get up even earlier in the morning to put on makeup, and by now it is just itching me all over. Using my mobile phone I got makeup all over the screen, I'm just not used to this.

We had to hurry from makeup backstage, where we waited with a monitor showing us some of what was happening outside. First up were the men - a flea circus director and his two liars, all dolled up in tuxes with glittering lapels and top hats. Then it was our turn. The quiz team gave us the X-ray eyes, and then began the questioning. They only asked me a few questions, the other two got all the questions, I thought. And the judge did a great job - but they guessed it was me, 3 out of 4. Oh well.

Then there was another round with just the liars, and then they filmed another series with other contestants. We were then whisked off to the airport, and flown back to Berlin. Most of the time was spent waiting, but I made a good dent on my current mystery novel yesterday and today!


Anonymous said...

when will it be shown? please send a private email to the cucumber scientist if you can reveal her or his real identity ;-)

WiseWoman said...

Hello not-so-anonymous :)

A select group of people will be informed of the broadcast date when I know it myself. Yes, you are on that list.

brainerror said...

And what's with your other more or less faithful readers?

I vote for public release of the broadcast date on time as a blog entry here :)

WiseWoman said...

Nope, that would really blow my already very dicey cover. Sorry :)