My beginners

Just wrote "Reports need to have a header with your name, the course name, the assignment number, your matriculation number and the date. " for the 30th time. It is "correct the first assignment day".

Were they allowed to hand in reports with no names in school? The file names, for the most part, are either "Ex1.pdf" or "Some-real-long-name.pdf" but no part of the name identifies the author.

And of course, when they write me emails from their account "jim-balooka@hotmail.com" they don't bother telling me what class they are in or which assignment they are complaining about. One sent me an email stating that my assessment of his work (what class? I am assuming the beginners course. Which assessment? There were three graded) "hurt" him. Goodness.

At least I don't have to teach them how to tie their shoelaces.....

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