I'm not very organized

Had a student (let's call him or her Stu Dent) in my office today for a consultation. Stu had been in my first semester class last summer, but hadn't been around since then. But s/he wanted to come back and register for my class. The class is currently extremely overbooked (or does someone have a cool idea how I distribute 51 people over two times 20 computers? Luckily they have notebooks, but I have to grade it all). I took in all the stragglers who had registered in time, i.e. by the middle of March. We currently have the middle of April.

After some probing I determined that Stu has managed to pass one class (there are 6 a semester) and has almost terminal failing grades in 3 others. You have to pass a course within 2 semesters after the first failure, or you are out on your ear. I had tried to inquire which classes it was that were endangered, Stu only knew the names of the teachers, not of the classes. But one had a long name. Very helpful.

I explained what a Studienordnung is and noted the one that is valid for Stu. I suggested that Stu write this down. Stu did not have any paper along. I gave Stu a piece of paper. Stu just said: "I'm not very organized".

I noted that studying computing demanded a certain degree of organization. Everyone can learn, if the want to, but they have to make a first step. Stu wanted into my class, I said no, but offered a way in which the class could be taken next semester. Stu has to take a vacation semester, can't pass anything, and can take the semester to maybe learn some organization. Stu complained that s/he didn't want to spend forever working for a degree. I surpressed the comment that I don't acutally see any work being demonstrated up until now. All I see is one pass and five failures, three of these almost terminal. That's not much to show for one year's worth of work.

Stu finally left my office, leaving the piece of paper on the table. Blank.

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