Froggy on Stage

Froggy is on stage today - unfortunately, I can't be there, because I am off on a business trip. But some students are taking extra special care of him during the grand opening ceremony and research fair the school is offering today. They had Froggy all last week and managed to convince the computer center people to get Froggy to speak with the school wireless LAN.

Since our school's color is green, Froggy fits right in :) I dropped by in the early afternoon to see what was up. The students were very enthusiastic about all the stuff that Froggy had installed. They had even found the Doom :D but found it to be strange to play Doom on such a machine. Anyway, they had see the Sony "My First Computer" that you could not do anything with, and really liked what they saw here. They were just missing Flash, they said, so I explained how hungry Flash is for electricity, and that is not something an XO has a lot of. And of course they asked were the crank was - really, guys, you have to get a crank going! Everyone wants to see how much electricity they can crank!

There will be a live feed from the fair and there will be an online documentation - link to be here soon, if I ever get back to civilization = a usable Internet. Link (in German): http://edufuture.de/2008/04/17/mobile-user-generated-evideo/

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