Older Women

Got a survey form in my email today from the German Wikipedia.

"Dear WiseWoman, you are an active Wikipedia person who is older than 50"
Thanks, I *really* needed that today.

"We want to reach out to older people and encourage them to be active in the WP. Please fill out this form to help us!"

And then they wanted to know stuff like how well I can cope with the help pages and whether I think older people would like a video explaining how to edit.

To be honest, I think age is not important at all in the WP. Last Stammtisch I sat with JCornelius and put together pages about Tibet in German. He still goes to school - but who cares, it's our words, not our combined or difference of ages that count.

I suggested the Admins quitting acting like power hungry hogs and the trolls growing up and moving to China, but fat chance of that happening.

Better check the mirror tonight and count my wrinkles. But honestly, is a woman with a home office full of technical odds and ends representative of the "Generation 50+ Gals"? Gawd, how I hate that term....


Anonymous said...

I'm also part of the "Generation30+" now. But 29 felt worse. I will get back to you on that topic when I turn 49. Hope to post another comment here.

So, I'm a former student of yours. Career is going fine. But it took a while. Never agreed on everything with you, that's for sure. :-) But you are a "streitbarer Geist" and I'm still interested what's going on - so I check this blog from time to time. It's interesting to read your "semi-private" thoughts on students, life, and such...

Well, thanks for everything - even though I didn't get that scholarship (maybe/probably) because of you. And now I have to pay back a Bildungskredit. :-) I don't think that's a real hint about my identity. There are probably too many of us. Thank god. Don't want that crazy woman hunting me down. On the other side I have also received plenty of good from you. Many situations put a smile on my face right now. All the best.

WiseWoman said...

Always glad to hear from former students! I write many recommendations, even some of the best students still do not get stipends with recommendations. I am, however, extremely honest in my assessments. If I barely know you, I won't write that I've worked closely with you for years, for example. I write exactly what I see.

I think very few students agree with me always, but it is nice to know that you feel that I was able to teach you something!