Been watching episodes from the first season of the Canadian TV series ReGenesis this past month or so. It is about a fictive biochemical laboratory that is paid for by the Canadian, US American and Mexican government, and there is always some really important, life-threatening situation going on that needs genome sequencing or some other biochemical method applied to it.

I know nothing about biochemistry, but this is really exciting. They are just as much geeks as we computer types are. There is even a page by the Ontario Genomics Institute explaining the things that are possible, likely, not likely or impossible that happen on the show.

The shows are fascinating, but there is only one show left on the first season DVD. What do I do then? They have seasons 2 and 3 already broadcast, 4 is scheduled to start in March. Arte has been sending them in Germany - how did I miss this? Guess I don't study the TV-Guides very well.

I really, really, really want to spend money on the DVD collections for seasons 2 and 3 - why has the movie and TV industry not figured out how to let me pay them money for stuff they have that I want to see? Hmm, there they are, all on PirateBay.

I am beginning to understand why people download stuff. You don't have to fuss with the DVDs not playing on certain equipment or being locked to a specific showing area or other perversities. But here I would gladly pay to have someone stamp the next two seasons onto DVD disks and there is no one willing or able to legally take my money. Bizarre.


brainerror said...

Looks like the german season 2 DVD set is scheduled for release on march 28, so I guess you just have to wait a bit :)

Oh, and does the OLPC still work? You didn't mention it for at least 3 days *suspicious*

WiseWoman said...

Oh yes, it still works, but I have another network it can't get into :( I need some Nethack tools I think.....