I'm Not There

Right. Let's see: multiple actors playing Bob Dylan under different names; discontinuous time filled with flashbacks and -forwards and -sideways; dream sequences, or things I hope are dream sequences; references to known bits and pieces of Dylan's life, more or less thinly veiled. Woody Guthrie called Woody Guthrie, but Joan Baez and others under different names. The actors were good, though, pretending to be them.

Where was I? Trains, hobos, a whale, a dog, a giraffe, interesting furniture, interesting clothes, a whiff of sex, non-sequiturs galore, obnoxious reporters, obnoxious crowds constantly demanding that he play the old songs, booze, pills, cigarettes and guitars and that old harmonica. A bit of a plot running through - Dylan marries French artist, they have 2 children, they divorce, he is sad.

Other than that the Dylan-actors (is some of the footage vintage Dylan or is it just made-to-look-like-vintage?) strive to be emotionless. Politics - he refuses to be co-opted by any political movement.

I didn't really care for this quite long film (except for the music, including some of the old songs). WiseMan thought it was lovely. Maybe it's because he understood all the references. Whatever, better than walking around Malmö in a storm.

The movie won't be released in Germany until next week, it has already bombed in Sweden, even this tiny theater had seats free. Although it is nominated for an Oscar, probably for set construction. Ah, the IMDB reveals Cate Blanchett playing one of the 6. I thought I saw a woman there occasionally. And it's her up for the nomination. Okay.

Now can someone tell me why so many films are done in Canada these days?

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