Eat. Drink. Read. Write.

Now that's vacation. Nothing but eating good food, enjoying the crystal clear, cold water from the well, reading from my tons of stuff and writing in the evening in front of the fireplace. Still a few leaves and branches to clear out.

The paper writes that there was no winter this year. Winter is defined meterologically as five days in a row in which the temperature does not rise above 0 degrees Celsius. Spring is defined as 7 days in a row after February 15 in which the temperature does not fall below zero. If the forecast is correct, tomorrow will be that seventh day, so spring will officially be here, and there will have been no winter. Just rain, from the looks of the fields.

Global warming is starting to really scare me. As a hay-fever sufferer I love winter and want to have one every year....

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Jim Horning said...

I guess that where I live there is never any Winter, and Spring always starts on February 22...

However, for some reason, the local media always uses the solstices and equinoxes to define the dates when seasons change, so we are aways credited with a winter.

My personal definition of the start of Spring is that the fruit trees, magnolias, and daffodils are in bloom. I observed all three last weekend.