Helpless on the Subway

I was a bit late to work the other day, I had wanted to be in extra early to get some preparations done. As I hopped on the subway I realized that a man was lying, passed out, on the floor of the car I had entered.

The passengers were grabbing for their mobile phones when some bright person pulled the emergency handle. After all, that's what it is for, right? And when do you get a chance to honestly pull it? The person got off and went right to the info station, requesting help.

Meanwhile a woman went over to the guy and tried to arouse him. No such luck. He did seem to be breathing, so some others went over and helped move him into a stable position like we all learn at the first-aid course you have to take to get your driver's license.

Time passed.

More and more people made a mad dash for the train, only to be disappointed that we were not going anywhere. The information board showed a current technical delay. The newcomers were impatient and began loudly complaining that the train was not moving. They complained that the emergency team was not yet there (teleporting has still not yet been invented). One woman got very irritated, another snapped at her: If that was you lying there, you would want us to get an ambulance for you, wouldn't you?

Finally after about 15 minutes a team arrived. They managed to get the guy to sit up and then stand up - and it was clear that he was dead drunk. The irritating woman and some others began loudly insisting that he be carried off the train. The medics tried to calm people, saying that the guy had a right to decide if he wanted off or not, he was not arrested so he could not be forced to get off. And he did not want to get off.

People began bitching about being late for work. A migrant woman noted loudly that if the guy would not look German he would have been carried off the train long ago. She began loudly complaining about the medics.

Finally they managed to convince the guy to leave - he stumbled out of the car, and we were finally able to continue. I got to work half and hour late, wondering why people can be so nasty.

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