Your system wouldn't let me submit my exercise

Stu Dent, a student repeating one of my classes, is having a hard time. First off, he missed the first three weeks of classes. He tried to explain it to me, but I am a bit of a bitch about not listening to the sob stories.

Stu then did an exercise (there are 14 weekly exercises due), and sent it to me by email instead of filing it with the learning management system as requested on the syllabus. Turned out, Stu could not get into the LMS because there was a password. One that was listed on the syllabus.

The next week, Stu got confused and submitted the fifth exercise in the place for the sixth one - although plainly labeled with name, number and due date. This week, I got another email from Stu - s/he tried to upload the exercise, but the system wouldn't take it. So it is now uploaded into exercise seven.

The system timestamps everything - sure enough, the deadline was 11.55 pm, and Stu was uploading at 12.25 am.

Oh, you mean the deadlines are hard ones?

Stu - get a clue.

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