Did you vote yet?

I met an old friend on the street this morning and stopped for a chat. Jovially, he asked me if I had voted yet. I raised an eyebrow - Voted? How? I'm German, I can't vote for the American president anymore. That was rather the point of obtaining German citizenship, so I am not responsible for whoever gets elected to the throne.

The Tagesspiegel was just full of comments and quotes from people. One point I found really good - why on EARTH is the German press reporting on every fart from the US election campagin? Imagine a discussion about something a German politician said on the front page of the New York Times - every day!

Actually, I think they are just trying to get us to forget all the financial shenanigans.

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brainerror said...

It's really disturbing, yeah. I wouldn't mind some reports about relevant news, but the day to day blah about the elections there is just boring.

But well, so is the still ongoing Ypsilanti-Koch-cabaret in Hesse which looks even worse than ever now. And it'll go on for a few more months...