Can you tell me what to do?

Stu Dent actually came to class this morning! He didn't show up for 8 am class until 9 am, but still, he was physically present!

He had a question about the exercise this week. He wasn't at lab last week because he "had to work". He didn't read the class discussion on the problem, he just fired off an email to me along the lines of "X doesn't work, can you tell me what to do?". I replied that he should perhaps have a look in the learning management system and read through the discussion. But my email bounced - his provider for his fancy-schmancy name announced that his disk space is exhausted.

He wanted to know why I don't answer his emails. I replied that he needs to sort out his provider, and maybe switch to the school email server, so he has unlimited space.

In the afternoon I was giving a seminar for the first semester students on good study habits and avoiding plagiarism. Only about 20 of the 40 registered people showed up, but we had a good session. As they were working on an exercise, Stu showed up. Did I have a moment? No, I didn't. I observe the students working when it just looks like me inspecting my fingernails. Office hours are tomorrow. So he left. Later I checked the list - Stu is in the 4th semester, but has not passed this basic course yet. He should have been in class, listening.

What on earth does Stu expect to get out of his university experience?

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