The Trains are Packed

I often buy a yearly ticket for the Berlin train system. The system is pretty good, and the ticket is transferable (and you can take a guest evenings and weekends). Also, when the ticket is already bought, I can get over my inner Schweinehund and take the train instead of a car. Normally, I can get work done on the trains. [To the left we see the information band on a hot day - "Next station: Selftest", it kept flashing.]

But since the price of gas has topped 1,50 € / liter (that's over 8$ a gallon, you Americans!) the trains are packed. For a few weeks it was me not having a space to have my bag on the seat next to me. Now it has gotten to the place of me being happy to get a seat, somehow, and more often than not, standing.

You would think that this would mean that the streets would be free for cars, but no luck there. They coordinate the construction work to maximize the inconvenience. For example, there are two ways from home to school by car. Both are now under construction. Might as well just take the train.

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