It's almost Game Time!

I had an appointment at the local Rathaus this afternoon and was looking forward to a leisurely stroll over the open air market that is on the place in front of it. I thought it strange as I arrived for my appointment, but I thought nothing of it.

Coming out at quarter to five I found the sellers madly packing their wares - although the market is officially open until six and you can often still buy stuff until six-thirty.

Then it dawned on me: Germany's next game is at six. As I was buying some fruit - desperately marked down for dumping purposes so they could get to the game, the guy said "Yes, five-thirty I'm out of here!". I had a good laugh with him - he's Turkish, and I joked that Turkey-Germany would be a great final game.

As I walked home a car drove by decked out in Croating flag ears and a big flag hanging out the window, held by some screaming twenty-somethings. As they passed, a little girl on a little bicycle with training wheels answered back: Deutschland! Deutschland! Deutschland! Her mom was a bit embarrassed, so of course she kept it up. I just smiled and said: They have to start young.

Someone from our house just came in, madly pedaling his bike. Must be game time, from the haste with which he ditched his bike.

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