The New Refrigerator

We have been in the market for a new refrigerator for well over a year now. Actually, longer. The shelving broke free of the plastic holding thingies and was held together by duct tape; the door locking mechanism had broken and was held together with a piece of paper, a rubber band, and more duct tape; then the insulation began shrinking and the door wouldn't close properly. Not wanting to have to close the door with more duct tape, we started shopping.

Now, what do you want in a refrigerator? How wide? How tall? Bio-zone (near-freezing drawers to keep veggies fresh)? No-frost? White or steel or blue or orange? How many compartment do-dads? Freezer on top or below? Extra door (sort of like a cat door) to let you get at the milk and cola without opening the big door and dumping all that cool air into the kitchen?

We would make occasional forays into the stores, but come out as undecided as before. Last week we had made a scientific, all-day survey of the current offerings of the local stores. We gave up, exhausted, and had an ice-cream. I liked the look of the steel, but it was so expensive. The bio-zone was a nice idea, as we pitch too much fruit and veggies, it would probably pay for itself within a year. But how to decide? I was off for a conference anyway, so we adjourned the question.

I get online at the conference and find an email from WiseMan - a local megastore is offering a 25% discount on anything that is in stock if it is purchased right that day, the day before the soccer quarter finals (no, we don't expect the half-finals to have a half-off on white wares). I write back: go for it!

So today they delivered a steel-plated, bio-zone, no-frost, 2m tall box and took the trash box with them. At this price there is no help in things like switching the side of the door, but the lady in the store had said that it was just a 10-20 minute job.

We spent 2 hours on the project. It seemed you needed a Torx screwdriver, a power screwdriver, a drill, and other assorted tools. The instructions covered 54 positions over 4 pages, not including switching the door pull, which I could have figured out without a drawing.

WiseMan had taken the power set to work with him a few weeks ago, and there it rest. The assorted bits and pieces we had at home didn't quite fit, and I only have a Torx at work. But believe it or not, my Swiss Army Knife fit perfectly, even if it was not the most comfortable thing to turn with.

We got it dismantled and re-assembled, and then shoved into the space. It was wider than the old one, so we were concerned, but it went in smoothly. Then we opened the door - and realized that the phone to open the door buzzer keeps the door (which is rounded out in the middle, not flat like the last one) from opening all the way, which keeps the boxes from sliding out.

WiseMan devised a way to put the fridge in a bit kitty-cornered, and I decided to tape shut the lever on the phone and just let it dangle down, then everything is fine.

We'll see if the bio-zone was really worth it!

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